Greek Traditional Restaurant Ios

The Mills is a traditional restaurant with a long history of excellent food in the lovely Ios Island.

It was founded in 1969 and since then it is located near the Mills Square, in a very picturesque spot of Ios Town. From The Mills you have a great view over Ios village and an astonishing sunset.

The Mills Restaurant Ios is the ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner, a dinner night with friends or to celebrate your anniversaries. The restaurant’s unique location is also perfect to host your dream Greek wedding.

The owners have retained the infinite charm of the restaurant and the authenticity of the products which are the reasons for their long-term success.

Our Menu

The food in Mills has mainly traditional Greek roots with a few adjustments now and then. The restaurant is still famous for the moussaka cooked in a clay pot, lamb on spit, saganaki flambe, as well as the grilled kalamari and the healthy Greek salads made out from fresh ingredients.

The average price for a meal per person is around 15 euro and the portions are generous.

We also make platters for 2, 3 or 4 persons with a variety of food at a very good price.

Barrel wine and Greek music make a perfect accompaniment to a lovely meal of local specialties.


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